This is not a portfolio. Portfolios are full of successes.
This is a book of failures.

Welcome to a bunch of stupid ideas. Most of these never materialized. For a living, I make stuff up, and this is the stuff I made up for me. Ideas that were half-baked or brought to a point where I felt I’d explored enough. Many of the photos are blurry, the layouts just enough to see what it might be, and the thoughts half-finished. Don’t look too closely at the execution—it’s the stupid idea that counts. I have dozens and dozens of scraps of paper, bar napkins and backs of business cards with scribbled ideas that never went anywhere. This book is about the ideas I pursued a bit more. Some have been brought along in great detail in the interest of finding a buyer or partner. Some are just idle thoughts. I call this book A Compendium of Stupid Ideas because I think most of them are. But having a stupid idea and pursuing it for a bit can lead to something not so stupid (think Post-it Notes). So when you have an idea, go for it. Act on it. Write it down fast. This card says it all (and there’s more of them at Kenyon Deck of Cards).

Thanks to those who have helped me explore these stupid ideas. They are by no means stupid. That laurel rests on me alone.